REVIEW: Dr. Stephanie Reich, OB/GYN, a dad's perspective

by Drew Carls

As a (then) soon-to-be dad, the quality of care my wife, Stephanie, would receive during her pregnancy was my top priority. Luckily for us, my brother, Weston, recommended Stephanie Reich, M.D., to us. Without a doubt, Dr. Reich was the best OB doctor for us. 

Dr. Reich is a provider in the Women Partners in Health group. We were very happy with this group. We met with several other providers when Dr. Reich was out. Her nurses were incredible, too.

For me, there were several things that won me over: bedside manner, percentage of her "own" babies delivered by Dr. Reich, proximity to the hospital and quality of Seton's labor and delivery unit. 

Carson Carls, one month old.

Carson Carls, one month old.

Dr. Reich's bedside manner - her personality - was incredible. She was kind, thoughtful, patient and always took the time to understand our questions and concerns. I really enjoyed every OB visit with Stephanie (and I didn't miss one!). You wouldn't be disappointed with her service.

We also liked knowing that Dr. Reich delivers more than 70 percent of her patients' babies. We were thrilled when we found our Dr. Reich was on-call the day we scheduled Steph's delivery. Dr. Reich's beside manner translated well from the office to the labor and delivery room. We were comforted by her experience and demeanor there. She was patient and great when I had thousands of questions for her on Carson's delivery day.

And, we couldn't have been happier that Dr. Reich delivers at Seton (Main). Seton is a highly thought-of hospital and our experience confirmed that. The nurses and staff were incredible. They were professional and caring. We enjoyed the service we received. 

From a dad's perspective, I enthusiastically recommend you and your partner consider Dr. Stephanie Reich from Women Partners in Health in Austin, Tex.

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5 Minute LinkedIn Marketing Plan

by Drew Carls


LinkedIn is the largest professional social network. Millions of people are members but do not maximize the site's potential.

Bluewiremedia has put together a helpful, five-minute LinkedIn marketing plan. For beginners, they recommend you focus on accepting connection requests, sending thank-you notes to new connections and connecting with one person you may know. If you are an intermediate LinkedIn user, they recommend spending five minutes reviewing who's looked at your profile and sharing content. And, for advanced users, bluewiremedia suggests you spend time sharing content and submitting it with LinkedIn Today editors, commenting on the status shared by someone in your network and organizing a catch-up with one of your contacts.

To see the full infographic, click here.

Silvercar: Test drive in Austin, TX

by Drew Carls

Stephanie and I got to take the Silvercar experience for a weekend. And, just like their tagline, "Car rental that doesn't suck," our experience was the best rental car experience we've had.

We enjoyed using our smartphones to scan the QR code on a Silvercar Audi A4 which set the rental process in motion -- all on our phones! After scanning, the car unlocks and the trunk pops open. Then we're off!

The Silvercar Audi A4s are great cars and nothing like any rental car we've ever driven. The cars come with wireless internet, navigation, bluetooth, SiriusXM radio, free tolls and more. All of these included features make for a great experience. And, when we returned the car, on empty, the fuel plan is fair pricing and easy.

Watch the video to hear about Stephanie's experience. And, as a bonus ... the first time you rent from Silvercar, use Stephanie's promo code StephanieC for $50 off your rental.