How To Add Photos to Your iPhone Reply or Forward Emails

by Drew Carls

Update: In iOS 6, you can now add photos easier. In an email, hold your finger down where you would like to the photo to appear. When the pop-up menu opens, choose 'arrow over', then 'Insert Photo or Video'.

If you are like me, you wish you could attach photos from your iPhone when replying to an email.  To send photos I always thought you had to create a new email...until today. I stumbled across a solution. 

I discovered that you can copy and paste your photos into an email that you would like to reply to.  Here's how.

Step One
Go to your Photos section on your iPhone.  Click on the photo to open it.  Hold down on the photo until the "copy" button appears.  Click "copy".

Step Two
Open your mail app. Reply/Forward to the email of your choice.

Step Three
Click on the spot in the email where you would like to insert the photo. Hold down until the "Select/Select All/Paste" button appears.  Click on "Paste".

Step Four
Your photo is now inserted.  You can add text in front of the photo or at the end of it.

This is a screenshot of what the email looks like when sent in my Gmail account.

Do you have any tips for adding photos to your iPhone emails?