How I Deal with Cedar Allergies

by Drew Carls

Easy Breather by Herbalogic
If you have cedar allergies (aka cedar fever) you know it's one of the worst allergies to have.  In central Texas, my cedar allergies are out of control November to March. After living with cedar fever for the last five or so years, I've come up with the following tips that help me stay sane.

Just before the season begins, most allergists have suggested I start just before the pollen counts spike in November.  I begin taking two things daily: Zyrtec (or it's generic over-the-counter equivalent) and my new love - Herbalogic's Easy Breather.  Herbalogic was recommended to me by my local Whole Foods store.  It's worked wonders so far!

As the cedar season hits full swing, I begin adding to my aresenal to manage any flair ups. For my nose, I use CVS's maximum strength nasal spray for severe congestion.  I use it about two to three times per day.  For my eyes, I rely on Visine-A eye allergy reflief drops. I'll use these drops whenever my eyes begin to itch.  Right now, I am putting them in each morning and just before I go to bed at night. 
And, this year, I have added a nettipot to my routinue.  I think it's done wonders for my allergies.  I use a nettipot each morning. It's surprising how much it clears me up.

Other tips I follow:

- If it is windy outside, I try to avoid spending long periods of time in the wind.
- If I have spent a lot of time outside, I will take a shower when I come inside and definitely before I go to bed.  Taking a shower before you go to bed helps remove the cedar pollen and other allergens from your sheets.  Who wants to rub their face in pollen all night?!
- I don't ever open my windows when the cedar count is high.
- I try to wash my hands more frequently to avoid spreading pollen to my eyes when I touch them with my hands.

My Routine:
- Morning: nettipot, eye drops, nasal spray, easy breather
- Mid-morning: easy breather (if I think I need it)
- Lunch: nasal spray (if I am congested)
- Mid-afternoon: easy breather
- Nighttime: eye drops, nasal spray, easy breather, Zyrtec

What helps you get through cedar fever in Austin and central Texas?
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Disclaimer: Since I am not a medical professional, consult with one first.